September Team Challenge
August 21, 2016

September Team Challenge

September Team Challenge 2016!

The September Team Challenge (STC) is designed to leverage teamwork and accountability to help CrossFit Chaparral athletes achieve new levels of performance and overall fitness.

How It Works

  • The STC runs from September 1st thought the 30th.
  • Team members can register online before August 31st. The STC is a team program only! After you register, we will assign you to a team. This will also give you a chance to meet other athletes and make new friends!
  • Once the teams are formed, your team will have until August 30th to decide on a team name.
    From September 5th through the 9th, all team members must find their 5 RM Thruster and perform the CFNE’s East Coast Championships Workout 1 “Task Priority FGB”. Scale as needed. (We are repeating the second WOD from last year. Therefore, if you participated last year, you will be able to see your progress!) You must use the same scales when your retest (see below). We will be scoring the challenge by the combined score of the team.
  • Each day, the team will complete the Lifestyle Log.
  • Then, between October 3rd and 7th, the team members will find their new 5 RM Thruster and record their new score for the “Task Priority FGB”. (Scaling must be consistent, since we are recording your overall improvement.)
  • To Register, complete the form below or Click here to register today!


In addition to bragging rights, winning team members will receive gift certificates to Andies!


  • Only scores of the team are counted! We are leveraging peer pressure to keep you disciplined and on track.
  • The lifestyle section will be handled on by submitting your information via our STC app designed for iPhone and Android devices. You can also input them on your computer. When you register, we will send you links to the app and website.
  • On Sunday evenings, we will download the information and reset the form. Therefore, you need to track your info information each week. (It is best to record your information daily for accuracy.)

Details on Scoring 

Scores for the team will be based on two components.

Fitness Component (800 max, 200 per athlete)

For the two movements, team members will get 5 points for every percent improvement they make in their two benchmarks. There is a max award of 100 points per benchmark.

Lift: 5 RM Thruster
WOD: CFNE’s East Coast Championships, Workout 1 – “Task Priority FGB”
3 rounds (25 Minute Time Cap)
20 Wallballs (10′ target)
20 Kettlebell Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls
20 Box Jumps
20 Barbell Shoulder-to-Overhead
10 Calories on the Rower
Rest :30 seconds
RX: Wallball: 20/14, Kettlebell SDHP: 70/53
Box Jumps: 24”/20”, Shoulder-to-Overhead: 95/65

RX: Wallball: 20/14, Kettlebell SDLHP:70/53, Box Jumps: 24”/20”, Shoulder-to-Overhead: 115/85


Lifestyle Component (1320 max, 330 per athlete)

Each day, team members can earn points as follows:

Sleep (total sleep per day, including naps)

  • 0-5 hours  0 points
  • 6-7 hours 1 point
  • 8+ 2 points

Water Consumption

  • Under 32 ounces  0 points
  • 48-96+ ounces 2 points


  • 0-10 minutes 0 points
  • 11-20 minutes 1 point
  • 20 minutes 2 points

Eating (based on your goals and the honor system!)

  • Good (1 cheat)  2 points
  • Bad (>1 cheat) 0 points


  • Good (1 cheat) 2 points
  • Bad (>1 cheat) 0 points