1.) Why is CrossFit Chaparral inexpensive?

We strive to provide an affordable CrossFit facility for Scottsdale and its surrounding communities.  Your membership fees pay for facilities, overhead, equipment, and community.

Personal Training at your local globo-gym ranges from $40-100 per session, and that’s in addition to your monthly dues.  CrossFit offers the benefits of personal training in a group setting, and combines it with the superior coaching for which CrossFit is known.

2.) Is CrossFit really for all fitness levels?

Yes, but this does not mean that all people are willing to do CrossFit.  Personal motivation is required.

Here’s a famous CrossFit HQ saying: “Your needs and the needs of the olympic athlete vary by degree, not kind.”

3.) Do I need to be physically fit or in shape prior to joining CrossFit Chaparral?

No.  The only prerequisite is that you learn the foundational movements so that you can perform movements safely and efficiently.  Everything we do can be scaled up and down to fit your state of conditioning.  Oh, and personal motivation is required.

4.) Will I get “big” doing CrossFit?

Our workouts (WODs) will do what all other good CrossFit programs will do: Create a person who is well-balanced in the 10 general physical skills.  These skills are cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.   This is our goal… Not “bulking up” or “trimming our problem areas.”

5.) How do you program / vary your workouts (WODs)?

We explain this more at the Foundations classes, but in a nutshell, we utilize the CrossFit prescription: Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.

What does “varied” mean? How do you quantify “high intensity”?  How do you define functional?  These are good questions.  Browse our What is CrossFit page and come to our Fundamentals classes to find out more.

6.) Why am I required to complete Foundations before joining the regular CrossFit classes?

CrossFit is all about safety and intensity.  It’s common sense that before you can ramp up intensity on compound movements like the overhead squat, clean and jerk, and so on, that you must first have sound mechanics.  Foundations will introduce you to sound mechanics, so that you can then develop consistency in your movements. After you learn the mechanics and show that you can be consistent, then (and only then) should you pump up the intensity.  Here’s the formula: MechanicsConsistencyIntensity.