Our Commandments
  1. Check your ego at the door. You don’t have rivals here, you have teammates.  You don’t have competitors, you have people who push you to do more, go faster, be better.   If you are done with your workout, run with someone on their last leg, gather around and cheer them on their last rep.  Slap hands and pat shoulders, telling people what a great job they did, and mean it.  If you are just hanging out, help out, never be too cool for school. 
  2. Respect the Box. Respect the equipment and return everything you use when you are finished.  Pay attention to where you found your equipment, including the colors of the weights, and return them to the same location.  Staying organized will help us spend less time looking for gear and will create more space to move around the box. 
  3. Practice Hospitality. Introduce yourself to anyone you do not know, as they may need to revive your unconscious body later, and “Hey dude, wake up!” is so impersonal.   A CrossFit box can be very intimidating, so a warm and friendly introduction can help settle nerves. 
  4. Arrive On-Time and Ready to Work. We do our best to ensure that each class starts on-time and is limited to one hour.  You may consider arriving a few minutes early if you need extra time stretching or warming up.  If you do arrive late (it happens to the best of us), check the whiteboard as soon as you arrive and jump in the warm-up and do your best to be ready to start the WOD with everyone else.  If you are too late to start with WOD safely, we will need to bump you to the next class. 
  5. Control your Weight. Dropping a bar on a failed lift or when you feel you can no longer safely perform a movement is sometimes necessary. However, it should not become the standard method of returning the bar to the ground between reps.  Also, ghost-riding the bar comes with a 20 burpee penalty. 
  6. Don’t Chalk the Box. You are not Lebron James.  When using chalk, chalk your hands inside the bucket. 
  7. Do Not Cheat. Keep an accurate count of your rounds, reps and sets and scale as needed.  You will gain far more from a scaled workout than a fictional one.  Plus, once you start cheating you will find it very hard to stop. 
  8. Keep Sweat to Yourself. Shirts and shorts are required for all athletes. 
  9. Listen Up. We understand that Eye of the Tiger can be quite the motivation while rocking Murph.  However, please keep your MP3 players off during the workout.  Our job is to make sure you are performing the movements safely and efficiently, and your ability to hear your coach is very important. The only exception to this rule is a purely a running or rowing workout. 
  10. Practice Accuracy. While nailing a 10 foot target with a large weighted ball may not be so difficult anymore, a paper towel is proving to be quite the nemesis of accuracy and coordination. Take the extra second to ensure a safe delivery of paper to it’s receptacle.


*We edited our rules from many other CrossFit facilities across the nation. Why reinvent the wheel?