Visiting CrossFit Chaparral – Dropping In

Welcome to Scottsdale, Arizona!

Physical fitness devoid of moral character is worthless

Physical fitness devoid of moral character is worthless

CrossFit Chaparral welcomes experienced CrossFit athletes to drop-in while visiting the Scottsdale area.  



The cost for each drop-in visit is $15.  



Please see our schedule below for the latest WOD times.  

If you will be visiting Scottsdale on a regular basis for business, ask Frank about special our regular “out-of-town drop-in” rates.  

Dropping in: 

The easiest way to drop-in is to select the class you are interested in on the calendar below.  This will take you to our Member Connect page where you can sign the waiver and pay the drop-in fee ahead of time!  This way, you can have more time to make yourself at home!  


We are located on the south end of the campus (see map below).

We look forward to training with you.


Click on the class you are attending below: