CutThroat CrossFit for Sensei Richard Poage


We will ONLY have ONE class on Saturday at 9:00 a.m.
The 8:00 a.m. class is cancelled.  

Why?  This Saturday, we are having a special edition of CutThroat CrossFit for Sensei Richard Poage from Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts.  Many of you know Sensei Poage or are one of his students.  In fact, a few years ago, Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts met on our campus and was shared some self-defense classes.  Needless to say, we have a strong relationship with Sensei Poage and Peaceful Warrior.

Last weekend, Sensei Poage was hospitalized in California with a brain tumor.  Following emergency surgery to remove the tumor and relieve pressure due to brain swelling, Sensei Poage remain sedated and in intensive care. So, we are asking the CFC family to help doing this very difficult time by participating in our special, martial arts inspired CutThroat Crossfit this Saturday.

Here is how the WOD will work:

1.) Order your CutThroats online here.  We are going to pre-order to save time in the morning.  Therefore, we will not take CutThroats in the morning.  Please, please, please order them ahead of time.  I will put your names on them and pass them out in the morning.   You will pick them up in the morning.  (Don’t know what a CutThroat is?  For $5 your can purchase a sabotage for another team such are a few more reps or additional weight.)

All funds will be added to a GoFundMe account which has been set-up to assist with Sensei Poage’s medical expenses.

2.) Like a martial arts competition, there will be two teams competing.  One fighting for Sensei Rachel and the other for Sensei Frank (both are Sensei Poage’s students).  You will be randomly assigned a team in the morning.

3.) Each of the two teams will then be divided into 5 pairs.  (If we have more than 20 athletes we will have some teams of 3).

4.) There will be five, head-to-head rounds to complete the fight.  Each round will last 5 minutes like a typical fight.  (Also, Sensei Poage is a 5th degree blackbelt.)

5.) Partner 1 will do a full round and then tag in partner 2 for the next round and so on.

6.) Reach round will be scored head-to-head for one point.  That means that the team of two that wins the couplet but getting the most reps in that particular head-to-head round will win the point.

7.) Three minutes rest between rounds to score, rotate teams and reset.

8.) The teams of two will start at different stations and move through each station in the order below.

9.) CutThroats will be assigned by the team captains and will only be used once.

WODs (All couplets)

Station 1
5 Wall Ball (20/14)

Station 2
5 Pull ups or 10 Ring Rows
5 KBS 55/35

Station 3
5 Thrusters 75/55
5 Burpees over bar (Lateral)

Station 4
5 Deadlift 135/95
15 Double unders or 30 singles

Station 5
5 minute team row for max calories (in any order or length per partner)