Getting Started

The process of joining our CrossFit community is simple.

We are thrilled that you are considering partnering with CrossFit Chaparral to achieve your fitness goals, while meeting some great new friends. Below, we have outlined the process of becoming part of CrossFit Chaparral!


1. Educate yourself:

Browse our website and read the following two articles: What is Fitness? and Foundations.   Also, familiarize yourself with CrossFit’s methodology and philosophy of fitness from our “What is CrossFit”  page.


2. Register for Foundations: 

Unless you are a seasoned CrossFit athlete, we require everyone who joins CrossFit Chaparral (CFC) to attend an introductory coaching program to familiarize you with the nine fundamental CrossFit movements, the CrossFit definition of fitness and a ton of other important information. The small class sizes that you will experience in Foundations will give you a chance to ask questions, receive personal instruction and learn how to accomplish the fundamental movements safely.


3. How Do I Start Foundations?

Foundations is a series of four classes that meet over a two week period. There is a morning and an evening option. Unfortunately, due to our scheduling restraints and curriculum, you cannot bounce between the morning and evening options. When you are ready to start the registration process, please follow the link at the bottom of the page and complete the form.


4. OK, I Decided on My Foundations Schedule! What Next?

Once we receive the completed form below, we will send you a link to your new online athlete profile at In this system, you will be able to sign our waiver and make your first payment.

The cost of Foundations is $135 and includes your first month of CrossFit classes. After you complete your first month, your membership will be $119 per month.


5.  Families Matter at CrossFit Chaparral

In addition to our adult programs, we offer classes specifically geared toward the needs of children and teens. You can learn more about these programs on our website. And, we are happy to offer a 20% discount to family members!